UK on the lookout for Africa deals — Cameroon's SDF squeezed by the Anglophone crisis

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Mon, Jan 20, 6:54 PM (20 hours ago)

Launching its UK-Africa Investment Summit on 20 January, the London government faces stiff competition from other countries wooing African leaders.

Targeted by separatist militants, Cameroon’s SDF opposition party faces some difficult choices ahead of local elections planned for 9 February.

The Moroccan city of Marrakesh is playing up its reputation for tolerance and security to attract celebrity singers and actors from across the world.

With the debate on the fate of the CFA franc arousing impassioned arguments, policy-makers have a lot of hefty decisions to take on the future of African monetary unions.

The 20 January UK-Africa conference shows that there is huge potential for growth in ties after Brexit.

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Anglophone crisis in Cameroon: SDF in turmoil as local elections approach
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The pros and cons of the CFA franc zone
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Stronger UK-Africa trade and investment ties can turbocharge growth for both regions
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‘The mega-cities of the future are in Africa’ – Emma-Wade-Smith

We are in a period of recalibration for Africa in its relationship with various foreign powers.

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