Trump could pay political price for betraying Kurds

US president’s blatant sellout of northern Syria ally may turn supporters against him as he fights impeachmentBySTEPHEN BRYEN
A wounded president is prone to making bad decisions. That’s the only explanation for Donald Trump’s blatant sellout of the Kurds in northern Syria

Trump’s decision to abandon the Kurds almost certainly will lead to a lot of bloodshed and shift the balance of power in the Middle East. In Israel, which is in the midst of an election crisis, America walking away is a very bad sign and affects the security of the Jewish state in negative ways. It will likely lead Israel’s leaders on all sides to see America the Great as America the Weak. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s hold on power may be weakened more by Trump’s decisions on Saudi Arabia and the Kurds than by the Israeli attorney general’s accusations of wrongdoing against the prime minister. Whatever the outcome, Israel is in for a very hard time.