El-Molla Discusses Cooperation with Djibouti in Petroleum and Gas

EJYPTE OILAND GAS-Sunday, 8th September 2019

Egypt’s Minister of Petroleum & Mineral Resources Tarek El-Molla met visiting Djibouti’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Yonis Ali Guedi on Sept 6, said a press statement

The meeting addressed exchanging expertise in petroleum, gas and natural resources and explored the opportunity of carrying out projects related to gas and logistics in Djibouti in light of the expertise that Egypt’s petroleum sector enjoys.

El-Molla confirmed that cooperation with Djibouti comes within the framework of the Egyptian state’s orientation on cementing economic ties with the entire African states.

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, the current chairman of the African Union, supports Egypt’s participation with African states and achieving developments by providing Egyptian expertise and capabilities in the sphere of petroleum and gas to meet the needs of the Djibouti Republic.

The Egyptian minister said that Djibouti requested the assistance of Egypt in the petroleum and gas industry as well as training cadres. Accordingly, both sides agreed that Egyptian delegation is due to visit Djibouti to explore means of support and transferring expertise, including implementing projects in the country located in East Africa.

For his part, Guedi reviewed his country’s future plan to develop petroleum and gas infrastructure, especially given Djibouti is gearing up to establish ports and logistic zones, along with extending a cross-border gas pipeline to export the gas to neighboring countries, benefiting from Chinese investments.

El-Molla has underlined the importance of opening new investment channels in Djibouti, pointing out that Egyptian petroleum companies are prepared to manage, operate and maintain projects related to liquidating gas to enable the Horn of Africa’s country to export its natural gas.

The Djibouti minister is scheduled to hold business meetings with CEOs of Ennpi, Petrojet and Egyptian Maintenance Company San Masr to follow up closely the potentials of such companies in carrying out projects in Djibouti.

Wrapping up his visit, Guedi will visit a refinery and equipment manufacturing projects in Alexandria