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ASSESSMENTS:China May Set Its Navy on Course for the Persian Gulf

AUG 9, 2019 | 09:00 GMTTo guard its energy and security interests in the contentious waters, Beijing may find it has no choice but to join a U.S.-led escort operation, or perhaps even to launch its own

China has become the latest country to voice interest in becoming involved in the proposed U.S. naval security plan for the Persian Gulf. On Aug. 6, Chinese Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Ni Jian said China is considering having its navy escort its commercial ships in the region, and that Beijing is also looking at the U.S. proposal for Gulf escorts. Ni hedged that China would only move in this direction in the event of a "very unsafe situation" in the Persian Gulf. If the Chinese decide to proceed, this would mark a significant step forward in China's military and naval presence in the region. READ MORE