The Implications of Eastern Mediterranean Gas for Turkey

Kadri Taştan
Apr 15, 2019 ,Tobias Kutschka

Since the beginning of the year, the Eastern Mediterranean has undergone two important developments that will have significant geostrategic and energy-market implications—the discovery of the third-largest natural gas resources off the south coast of Cyprus by ExxonMobil, and the creation of a regional energy forum in Cairo in January. These developments confirm that energy issues will play a bigger role in the new regional dynamics and that several protagonists will be competing to exploit these newly discovered resources.

In their analysis titled "The Implications of Eastern Mediterranean Gas for Turkey," Dr. Kadri Taştan, GMF's TOBB Senior Fellow, and Tobias Kutschka, GMF's former program assistant, reflect upon Turkey's current position vis-à-vis energy markets, draw attention to the diverse interests and powers competing over the Eastern Mediterranean gas, and argues that  competition over the exploitation may create new conflicts in the region rather than make it easier to resolve existing ones.


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