Drive towards renewables has been sidetracked by gas

cyprus mail  MARCH 25TH, 2019 

Solar power plant in Amareleja, southern Portugal. By 2017 it was producing 54 per cent renewable electricity
We’re nowhere near reaching our renewable energy targets and the reasons for the delay defy common sen

By Charles Ellinas

A renewables roadmap for Cyprus was the title of a comprehensive roadmap published in 2015 – but still very valid – by the inter-governmental International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena), of which Cyprus is a member. The report’s introduction states that “the Republic of Cyprus has engaged with Irena to develop a renewable energy roadmap for the country.”

Irena expressed hope that “this roadmap will prove useful in the country’s pursuit of accelerated renewable energy deployment. As our world strives for a future based on clean, secure and affordable energy for all, Cyprus can be the lighthouse that helps illuminate the course for others.”

Sadly four years later Cyprus has not progressed far in implementing Irena’s recommendations or advancing adoption of renewables, leaving Cyprus far behind.


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