The News We've All Been Waiting For: Jakarta MRT Open for Public in March

FEBRUARY 22, 2019

Jakarta. After years of exasperating stop-start development, Indonesia's first mass rapid transit network is finally set to be open for public next month.

All 16 train carriages have been put on a trial run on the completed MRT line since December to asses on-time performance, put the electronic passenger gates on each platform through their phases and test the reaction time from emergency personnel.

A small group of government officials, ambassadors and journalists have been invited to trial the first MRT in the past week.

Mass Rapid Transit Jakarta, the operator of the network, also plans to open the MRT for a public trial run on March 12.

Workers are now busy touching up the paint and polishing fittings on the MRT stations' interior and walkways.

If the public trial run goes off without a hitch, the country's first MRT will start commercial operation by the end of next month.

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