Noble Energy Aggressively Pushing Into Row Developme

Jan. 24, 2019 2:34 PM ET|

Noble saw its oil and gas production increase throughout the globe, and has plans to boost output even further through their row development plans.

Learnings are being shared between basins to allow for row development to occur.

NBL will be able to ramp production with their row development strategy in three key basins,.

Their new comprehensive drilling plan just approved in the DJ will allow row development operations to progress uninterrupted, improving earnings visibility.

As a result of increased production and visibility from their CDP, the recent shellacking of Noble's stock price is providing

an attractive entry point for long investors to start accumulating positions.

Their progress internationally has been remarkable, as the company delivered record sales volumes of 1.1 billion cubic feet per day to the Mediterranean, where demand for LNG is exceeding current supply. NBL is even bringing on their Leviathan pipeline to supply Israel with a second source of natural gas supply, which will generate additional cash flows, and aid in Israel’s transition towards gas and fully electric transportation by 2030.